Amazon Kindle Repair

Amazon Kindle Repair

Your Amazon Kindle has stopped working or is not working well. Perhaps the screen is cracked or the battery life is less than it should be. Sure, you knew that reading a book on your Kindle Fire while floating in the pool might be a bit dangerous to the device, but it’s too bad the kids didn’t know that. The cause of the problem isn’t the most important thing right now; getting you back to enjoying your entertainment is.

Should You Replace or Repair Your Kindle?

Because Kindle operates with Cloud Storage, you can always get to your media with any Kindle device. So should you just replace a broken or malfunctioning Kindle or repair it? Perhaps you’re so used to reading and writing on that 3rd generation Kindle Keyboard that you hate to let it go. Your decision to repair or replace is both a personal and financial decision.

At Computer Answers, we have been bringing Kindles back to life since Amazon released the first model in 2007. We service all the various Kindle or Amazon tablet models, including the Kindle DX, Paperwhite and Voyage.

Our method of helping you with your decision to repair or replace couldn’t be simpler or more efficient. Simply tell us the problem – anything from a sticky power button or in the extreme if it doesn’t start at all – and then you and our technician will arrange a convenient time to diagnose the problem, free. Then the choice is yours and you can base it on an expert, professional opinion. Now doesn’t that make sense?

Most problems with a Kindle can be solved and repaired quickly while you wait at one of our five Computer Answers locations based around Albany, Schenectady or Brooklyn. If you can’t make it in to our service centre, we can easily make shipping arrangements. Contact us by calling toll free 866-488-2806 or describing the problem on our Contact Form. We look forward to hearing from you.

Locations Near You

      Our Amazon Kindle Repair Services

      Free Kindle Diagnostic Service

      No matter what the complaint or question is about your Kindle device, Computer Answers will perform a complete, free diagnostic analysis on it. By complete, we mean everything. We will check all connections and jacks, and make sure that your internet connection is as strong as it should be. Being thorough is our service commitment.

      Kindle Charge Port Repair

      Any entry port on any device ever made is a breach that allows dust, moisture and all other sorts of small objects to make their way in and disturb the connections or even destroy the entire machine. At Computer Answers we have the skill and equipment to completely clean your charge port or if necessary replace it while you wait.

      Kindle Screen Repair – Kindle Glass Replacement

       Even the strongest glass can be broken. For a device meant to be used for reading, even a scratch can be as irritating as a thumbprint on eyeglasses. Bring your Kindle to Computer Answers. Some scratches can be removed. If the glass needs replacing, we will have a new one at close hand – any model, any size.

      Kindle Water Damage

      Water is just as much an enemy to Kindle as it is to any other electronic device. Once it finds its way inside, it spreads and corrodes what it touches. If your Kindle is accidentally exposed to any fluid, do not turn it on and get it to Computer Answers as quickly as you can. We will dry it properly and repair any damage that may have occurred.

      Kindle Connectivity Repair

      If your Kindle is frequently drooping its internet connection, there could be an issue with its internal antenna. We will investigate all possible causes during our Free Diagnostic Analysis. Then, when Computer Answers finds the problem, we will fix the problem.

      Kindle LCD Replacement

      The Kindle’s LCD screen, either standard or Paperwhite, can lose resolution or even become completely distorted for a variety of reasons. No matter what the cause, Computer Answers can replace the faulty display quickly, efficiently, even while you wait.

      What makes us different? How about FREE Diagnostics, repairs while you wait, and a host of other services aimed at getting you back up and running faster than anyone in the business.

      Our Services Include:

      LCD / Glass Screen Replacement
      Water Damage
      Microphone Repair
      Speaker Repair
      FREE Diagnostics
      Home Button Repair
      Battery Replacement
      Charger Port Replacement
      Headphone Port Replacement

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